How to Keep Your Desk Organized


College life, regardless of the program or course you are taking, be it communications or civil engineering in a university here in Manila, is a hectic life, what with all the take home assignments, research, term projects, and the like that you have to do from time to time. Of course, this means a lot of reading and writing.

It is normal to have a cluttered desk or study area when you are busy. However, do take note that an organized desk is conducive to learning, so make time to make your study area well-maintained. Below are some tips to organize your study haven:


Before anything else, remove all unnecessary things on your desk to ensure enough space for you to work in. A messy desk begets a cluttered mind. Make it a habit to remove all dirt, paper, plastic, and other unnecessary stuff on your desk.


Isn’t it good if your study area is neat and pleasant to look at? It would be more engaging and less stressful because of the light and relaxing mood it creates. Make use of classy organizers and containers for your stuff. If you are feeling a little artistic, make use of colored paper and glittery tapes to decorate your desk. Little pictures of your loved ones will also add personal touch. Avoid putting anything too interesting though, such as comic books or novels, as it could distract you from studying.

Place a Board

For you not to forget anything, having a board for your checklist or reminders will be helpful. There are a few board options for you: black, white, acrylic, or a cork board. Name your pick.


Place some boxes on your desks to keep all your things in one place. Small- or medium-sized tabletop drawers or boxes are ideal. Label them accordingly so you can easily find your things.


Make use of holders to segregate pens and markers, pins, paper clips, tapes, scissors, etc.


With today’s technology, heaven knows how many gadgets you are using when and alongside studying or working – cellphone, laptop, tablets, speakers, etc. – and there is no guessing how exhausting and annoying it is when their cables get entangled. A cable organizer firmly attached to your desk is a must have.

Studies show that clean and organized workplaces enable a person to become productive. Now that you know the basics in organizing your study area, the next step for you is to accomplish your tasks.


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